About Me and the Blog

This blog is dedicated to the research of the Macey and Macy surname. The study is registered with the Guild of One Name Studies and you can see the surname profile page HERE.

My interest in the Macey/Macy name is driven by personal interest. I am Macey and it isn’t a surname that I came across much when I was younger. I had heard about Macy’s store in America and it became a running joke in the family that they had spelt the name wrong.

Whenever my family saw someone else with the name we used to think ‘Wonder how they are related to us?’ as Macey wasn’t a name that was seen that often.

It is just 5 letters, but I have lost count of the number of times it has been misspelt or written. I automatically now say my name is Macey M-A-C-E-Y, otherwise it is Massey, Mackie or Mason. The most common error is due to the wonders of modern technology used by companies when dealing with surnames. A lot of mail that I receive my name is written MacEy or McEy as the software has decided that anyone with a surname beginning with Mac is automatically of Scottish origin.

The aim of the blog is to share knowledge that I have gained through research.  The examples of that I will endeavour to make are pen portraits about various Maceys/Macys, background of the surname, Maceys/Macys in the military and quantitative analysis.