Maceys of Chilmark in the 1881 Census

This is the first in a series of blog posts looking more in depth into the Maceys of Chilmark, Wiltshire.

I thought I would try and use an info-graphic (built with Canva) to show the demographics in Chilmark. It’s my first attempt and I’m no graphic designer! Hopefully it gives the statistics in a clear and concise way. Underneath I have done the more traditional wordy description.


The 1881 census lists 47 Maceys living in Chilmark within 12 households. Just over half were female (24).

The average age stated was 27.7 years old, median 24, with a range of 2 months (Edith Ellen b. 1881) to 73 (Edward b.1808). The Maceys were skewed towards the younger age groups as 21 people were under the age of 17. All but one of these were a daughter (13) or son (7) to the head of the household, the last person was a granddaughter.

The average number of Maceys in a household was 4 with a range of 1 to 8. There was just one Macey household where the head was female. This was Emma Macey who was a widower living by herself.

Unsurprisingly agricultural labourer was the most common occupation (12), followed by scholar (11). There were two quarry labourers, one coachman and one road labourer. Of the 20 Maceys without an occupation 8 were under the age of 5, 11 were females over the age of 15 and the remaining person being an adult male (Edwin b. 1851)

Of the 28 people aged 15 and over, fifteen were married (1 man was a lodger living away from his wife), 9 unmarried and 4 widowed.

The Maceys of Chilmark had not strayed far from their birth place. Nearly all (41/47) were born in the village, with the other 6 each born in a separate villages (5 Wiltshire and one Hampshire).

There were a variety of first names with the commonest being Emma (3) followed by royal names such as Edward, Ann, Charles and George.

Word Cloud of Macey first names

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